Grand Entrance

So after a few weeks of looking through the windows, we decides to don our dust masks and gloves and enter our new property for the first time. 2014-01-26_Back of HouseThis is the view of the house from the back yard. Gutters could use some work…but nothing too major to note.
2014-01-26_Back Room

There appears to be a room added on to the rear of the house…a few bags of trash, some small furniture. Not too disturbing.2014-01-26_Dining Room

Entering what appears to be a small dining area, it begins to become clear that the clean up will be a bigger challenge that we originally thought.

2014-01-26_Dining Room (2)Through the dining area towards the hallway… No clear path to walk through. Lots of garbage, therefore lots of work.


Into the kitchen from the dining area…more garbage, more work.

2014-01-26 Kitchen into LR

Through kitchen into living room area…yes, it’s as bad as it looks.


More of the Living Room…Hey Look, There’s the front door.


Back the hallway to the washing machine…no path, so we make our own.


And off the hallway, we find this…nothing a little simple green can’t cure!


Bedroom #1…we have a lot of work to do.

2014-01-26_BR2Bedroom #2/ Office…not as disturbing, but plenty for the clean-up.

2014-01-26_LR from HallAnd one last shot of the living room.

These photographs were taken several weeks ago. We clearly had our work cut out for us. After three full weekends of bagging trash, we can finally see the floor. Updates with post-cleanup photos coming soon.


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